Our Professionals Make the Difference!

Yes, we are fully insured with a $2,000,000 liability policy.

Yes, all our employees are fully bonded.

Atlantic Cleaning Services is available to your company 24 hours-? days a week.

No two jobs are the same, therefore, Atlantic Cleaning Services will visually inspect every new job or account to determine the most efficient and cost-effective method to give you the best results possible.

Emergencies such as flood damage or very last-minute clean-ups can be attended to immediately.

Atlantic Cleaning Services offers their clients a 1 HOUR ONSITE RESPONSE TIME for such situations.

Although the primarily language spoken among all our employees is English, we do have bi-lingual speaking crews upon request.

All our cleaning crews always have a working supervisor with them. The working supervisor then reports to a field supervisor, who is out there every night checking on their work.

Our employees are highly motivated because we pay them a higher wage than the local industry standard. Ultimately, the higher salary encourages them to do higher quality work to satisfy our company’s standard. In addition, Atlantic Cleaning Services pays their employees by the hour, not by the job.

Yes, all our employees are in uniform. Our company colors are blue and white, and the uniforms reflect this.

Unlike most of our competitors, our cleaning crews arrive in late model company vans.

Our policy since 1989 is to keep a van for only 4 years, then trade it in for a new one. This precaution assures our clients and Atlantic Cleaning Services that we are striving to be the most reliable company in the tri-state area.